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Holy Week & Easter

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Palm Sunday

7.30am      Matins (BCP)

8am           Holy Communion (BCP)

10.30am    Blessing of Palms at Church House followed by Sung Eucharist in Church

6.30pm     Choral Meditation: The Cross of Christ

Monday & Tuesday of Holy Week

9.15am      Morning Prayer

5.15pm      Evening Prayer

9.15pm      Night Prayer

Wednesday of Holy Week

9.15am      Morning Prayer

5.15pm      Evening Prayer

8pm           Stations of the Cross at St Mark’s Barnet Vale

Maundy Thursday

7.30am      Morning Prayer

5.15pm       Evening Prayer

8pm           Choral Eucharist

9pm           The Vigil of Gethsemane

10pm         Night Prayer

Good Friday

9.15am      Morning Prayer

10.15am    Churches Together Service, followed by Walk of Witness

2pm           The Liturgy of Good Friday

7.30pm      Stainer’s Crucifixion at St John the Baptist

Easter Eve

9.15am       Morning Prayer

5.15pm       Evening Prayer

8pm           Easter Vigil in Church House    

Easter Day

6.30am      Short service in Hadley Fields (near Joslin's Pond), followed by breakfast at the URC Wood Street

7.30am      Matins (BCP)

8am           Holy Communion (BCP)

10.30am    Sung Eucharist

6.30pm      Evensong (BCP)

Harvest Produce Sale 7 October 2012

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Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley



This event is being held in aid of the preservation of our mediaeval church

The walks commence at 10.30 am on Saturday 22nd. September, 2012 and start from and finish at Church 
House, Monken Hadley (at the rear of the church)

Participants can choose which of the three walks they wish to join:

      The short walk, designed for the very young or very old or those who just prefer a short walk, is about 4.5 miles
      across Hadley Green,  King George's Fields, Hadley Woods, Covert Way Local Nature Reserve, round Jack's Lake 
      to Games Road  and back via the bridleway to Church House.

      The medium length walk of about 8.5 miles adds a circle in Trent Park

      The twelve miles walk leaves the medium length route near the obelisk in Trent Park, crosses the fields to 
      Coopers Lane Road, back to Hadley Wood and returns to Church House

All walks pass spots suitable for a picnic (bring your own food and drink).  Light refreshments will be available at the
end of the walks.

There is no entrance fee but participants are asked to arrange sponsorship. As a rough guide it is suggested that
 adults should try to obtain a minimum of £35 and children £10 but if these figures can be exceeded so much the better.

There will be one check point on the short walk, two on the medium walk and three on the long walk.

A treasure hunt type quiz will be available on the short walk

Please download the information and entrant form from this link:

Our New Rector Arrives May 2012

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Our new Rector (Parish Priest) will arrive in May 2012 from his curacy at St Michael’s Highgate. Revd Dr Thomas Renz came to England from Germany in 1993 to pursue doctoral studies and taught in the areas of Old Testament and Hebrew at Oak Hill Theological College from 1997 until 2009. His wife is a Modern Foreign Languages Teacher at St Albans School. They have a boy who is ten and a girl who is twelve.


posted 23 Nov 2010, 02:11 by Hugh Turvey

Report on meeting held on Tuesday 9 November at All Saints’ East Finchley.

The meeting was preceded by the celebration of Mass.

After approving the minutes of the previous meeting and a few matters arising there were talks by the Headmasters of The Wren Academy, St John’s CE Primary School and Dollis Park CE Primary School. Each were asked to describe the Christian Ethos of their school in no more than eight minutes. Questions followed.

Each parish was then asked for an update on activity on Green Issues in their parish.
Not much progress appears to have been made.

Barnet Moneywise is to be launched in Advent.

There are plans to expand the Finchley Winter Shelter to six months rather than three by involving more churches.

A Deanery Newsletter is now in existence as a means of improving communication between synod members and parishioners. Two issues per year are planned and they will be sent to the editors of the parish magazines by email. They will be able to ‘cut and paste’ whatever they choose. It is hoped that there will be contributions to the newsletter from the parishes, by email of course.

The Wren Academy is to have its Official Opening on 3 February 2011, the ceremony will be conducted by Archbishop Rowan Williams.

At the next synod meeting on 17 February 2011 our views on Women Bishops will be sought. Please make your position on this development known to Mark Glover, Geoffrey Reynolds and/or myself.

David Wales.

Some of our congregation photo

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An image taken after a Sunday Service.
The image was taken in sections: some of the kids made use of this and appear several times - (Church house came out a little skewwhiff this technique)

South Holland Choir

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31st October 2010 - Celebrate All Saints Festival with a bang.

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Suzanne Direk and the Monken Hadley Church Social Committee have kindly organised family celebrations for All Saints Eve – Sunday 31st October. Everyone is welcome.

The evening starts with Family Service in Church at 6.30pm followed by refreshments in Church House:
Soup (thanks to Eleanor And Angela) and a sausage in a roll with sparklers cost a total of £2.00.

A list will be going up at the back of the church to sign up, to give an idea of numbers.  Alternatively please contact Suzanne Direk (see the contact directory)

The Big Clean Up - a great turnout

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Giving In Grace

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An Introduction:

Giving in Grace is a lay led stewardship programme linking faith with giving as an act of worship, thanksgiving and ministry. The programme focuses on our Christian responsibility and personal discipleship in the sometimes sensitive area of giving. Giving in Grace is not a one off fundraising exercise. Carefully and prayerfully planned we hope it will yield significant financial results. However, the purpose is not simply to balance the books but to help Christians connect the call to generous giving with their personal journey of faith and with the ministry needs of the church.

Giving money in these difficult times is not a lightly taken decision.  Money is tight for everyone right now, so to receive a request to part with money yet again may be viewed as an inconvenience or an irritation.  Perhaps the key to this campaign is the ‘Giving in Grace’ aspect.  As Father Timothy spoke about in his sermon on a recent Sunday, the poverty stricken Macedonians (2 Corinthians 8: 1-9.) gave whatever they could to a church far away from them, in the faith that what they were doing would be rewarded by the Grace of God.  Giving is also not just about money.  We are a society of varied and knowledgeable skills.  We are parents, carers, accountants, builders, photographers – the list stretches long and wide.  Our Church and our congregation can benefit in so many different ways from the giving of skills and time.  Please come along to the special Giving in Grace services noted below and please consider how you can help our Church through the Giving in Grace campaign.

HOW DO I GIVE? Find out here

Or speak to our treasurer Quentin, pictured below


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