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British Museum

posted 27 Nov 2009, 14:04 by Hugh Turvey   [ updated 19 Mar 2010, 03:57 by Timothy L'Estrange ]

A small party visited the British Museum on 12 August 2009 to view St Mary's ancient silver gilt chalices.

The picture shows the two chalices, held for the church by the British Museum for safe keeping; they are usually on public display so that everyone can see them. They are made in gilded sliver. The smaller one is 16th C and the taller one is dated from the early 17th C. They were given to the church at about that time but records have been lost so we don’t know who gave them. They are held there on display and in trust for the church in room 46, if anyone would like to visit. We own a third similar chalice, which is on loan to St Paul's Cathedral Treasury.

The BM have insured them for us as they are very valuable. The small group of church members who visited the BM were able to handle the chalices with gloved hands.