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Giving In Grace

posted 22 Sep 2010, 13:06 by Hugh Turvey   [ updated 29 Sep 2014, 08:40 by Thomas Renz ]

An Introduction:

Giving in Grace is a lay led stewardship programme linking faith with giving as an act of worship, thanksgiving and ministry. The programme focuses on our Christian responsibility and personal discipleship in the sometimes sensitive area of giving. Giving in Grace is not a one off fundraising exercise. Carefully and prayerfully planned we hope it will yield significant financial results. However, the purpose is not simply to balance the books but to help Christians connect the call to generous giving with their personal journey of faith and with the ministry needs of the church.

Giving money in these difficult times is not a lightly taken decision.  Money is tight for everyone right now, so to receive a request to part with money yet again may be viewed as an inconvenience or an irritation.  Perhaps the key to this campaign is the ‘Giving in Grace’ aspect.  As Father Timothy spoke about in his sermon on a recent Sunday, the poverty stricken Macedonians (2 Corinthians 8: 1-9.) gave whatever they could to a church far away from them, in the faith that what they were doing would be rewarded by the Grace of God.  Giving is also not just about money.  We are a society of varied and knowledgeable skills.  We are parents, carers, accountants, builders, photographers – the list stretches long and wide.  Our Church and our congregation can benefit in so many different ways from the giving of skills and time.  Please come along to the special Giving in Grace services noted below and please consider how you can help our Church through the Giving in Grace campaign.

HOW DO I GIVE? Find out here

Or speak to our treasurer Quentin, pictured below