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Toddlers' Group

The Toddlers' Group is a small group of church members who organise our ministry to pre-school age children. Children in this age group are very welcome at church with their parents. We have found that some parents are very sensitive to the little noises that young children naturally make, and can feel embarrassed about this - there is no need. The toddlers are part of our church family, and we are pleased to hear the noises which prove they are with us!

At the heart of our ministry to this age group is a special "Toddlers' Service" which takes place at 3.30pm on Sunday afternoons about six or seven times a year. The Toddlers' Service in church is always followed by a Toddlers' Tea Party in Church House, where the parents and other carers enjoy a cup of tea, and the children tuck into juice and snacks.

Charlie Fisher, who is a Commissioned Lay Minister, is our pre-school childrens' pastor, and leads the worship at Toddlers' Services. Church members are very welcome to volunteer to assist the Toddlers' Group with worship, tea making, or general moral support.  

The co-ordinator of the Toddlers' Group is Eira Ellis-Jones (020 8447 0054 or email).

The next Toddlers' service is at 3.30pm on

3 February 2013