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Church Address: St Mary the Virgin, Hadley Green Road, Monken Hadley, Barnet, EN5 5PZ.
Rectory Address: The Rectory, Hadley Common, Monken Hadley, Barnet, EN5 5QD.
Hall Address: Church House, Camlet Way, Monken Hadley, Barnet, EN4 0NJ.

The church and hall addresses may be useful for navigation. Please use the Rectory address for all postal communication.
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a. Pastor / Leader Curate Adele Burgess 07764 132381 
a. Pastor / Leader RECTOR (PARISH PRIEST) Revd Dr Thomas Renz 020 8449 9441 
a. Pastor / Leader Headteacher Caroline Froud 020 8449 0989 
b. Staff - Office Holder Choir Master Stephen Tatlow 02032 872936 
c. Statutory Synodical Post Safeguarding Officer Janet Clarke 020 87441 6318  
c. Statutory Synodical Post Churchwarden Janet Clarke 020 8441 6318  
c. Statutory Synodical Post Treasurer of PCC Tim Fitzpatrick 
c. Statutory Synodical Post Electoral Roll Officer Tricia Narracott-Wales 020 8449 7982 
c. Statutory Synodical Post Churchwarden Anne Fitzpatrick 020 8449 3885 
c. Statutory Synodical Post Deputy Treasurer of PCC Barbara Taylor 020 8440 7815 
c. Statutory Synodical Post Secretary of PCC Care of the Churchwardens   
d. Committee Officer Events Co-ordinator Suzanne Direk 020 8449 8655 
d. Committee Officer Fabric Co-ordinator Joslin Lewis 07989 707226  
e. Group Co-ordinator Flower Guild Co-ordinator Gill Clark 07775 505083 
e. Group Co-ordinator Sunday School Co-ordinator Velia Carruthers   
e. Group Co-ordinator Mothers' Union Secretary Daphne Mellows 020 8449 2139 
e. Group Co-ordinator Church Cleaners Co-ordinator Rosemary Baldwin 020 8449 2910 
e. Group Co-ordinator Guild of Bell Ringers Ringing Master  Tricia Narracott-Wales 020 8449 7982 
f. Other Webmaster Brayner Firth 
f. Other Children's Champion Sarah Lloyd-Winder 01707 653166  
f. Other Churches Together Representative Flavia Woodhouse   
f. Other DBS Disclosure Janet Clarke 020 87441 6318  
f. Other Church House Bookings Secretary Suzanne Direk 07710 409138 
f. Other Environmental Concerns Representative Malcolm Hanna 020 8216 5852 
f. Other Parish Magazine Editor David Thurston 
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