Kingsdowne is a large residential home for elderly people, situated within our parish. Many of the residents are active Christians, but most are unable to attend church, due to lack of mobility. We therefore have a secondary congregation at Kingsdowne.

We hold a said eucharist at Kingsdowne every month, and we have a dedicated Pastoral Link - a member of our main congregation who acts as pastor, visitor, and friend to the smaller Kingsdowne congregation, and the other members of the community at Kingsdowne.

Many members of our church have links with Kingsdowne, and we visitĀ each December for carol singing with the residents. Our children particularly enjoy this event, and also visit the home each Harvest Festival, when they deliver selected harvest offerings for the residents to use.

The home is a beautiful old house looking out over Hadley Green and the old Brewery Pond, with its array of ducks, swans, and geese. The home has been established for many years, and is widely considered a model of good practice.

Kingsdowne Worship:
Said Eucharist, 11.00am, 2nd Monday of each month

Kingsdowne Pastoral Link:
Maureen Olley (020 8440 1299)