Who's Who

Around 100 adults are on our church membership roll (and a great many children belong too) - we can't include a picture of everybody here! However, we are gradually adding photographs of some of the key office bearers, ministry leaders, and staff members. If you think you should be here, please email the webmaster.

Revd Dr Thomas Renz
Rector (Parish Priest)
Senior Pastor
Charlie Fisher
Commissioned Lay Minister
Dave Gladding
Church House Manager

Miss C. Froud
Debbie Coles
Baptism Support Group
Sarah Lloyd-Winder
Children's Advocate
Anne Fitzpatrick


Katie Morris
Assistant Churchwarden
Stephen Tatlow
Director of Music
Suzanne Direk
Events Co-ordinator

Barbara Taylor
Deputy Treasurer of PCC
Parish Archivist

Daphne Mellows
Mothers' Union Secretary


Tricia Narracott-Wales

PCC Secretary

Tower Captain and Ringing Master

Secretary to the Choir