Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets almost every week at 10.30am. Children of all ages from 3 upwards are welcome to attend. Children who are visiting us, with their families, are also very welcome to join in the activities.

The children gather in church with the adults, and leave after the Gloria, towards the beginning of our worship. They have their own activities in Church House, but they return to church afterwards, and join us in time for a blessing and the final hymn.

A dedicated team of adults run our Sunday School on a rota basis. Sometimes other parents may need to accompany their children to Sunday School, but in general parents are encouraged to remain in church, and let their children go to Sunday School with the designated adults. This allows the children the freedom to explore together, and allows their parents to benefit from the adult teaching in church.

The co-ordinator of Childrens' Group and Sunday School is Velia Carruthers.

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