Mothers' Union

The Mothers' Union is an international organisation within the Anglican Church, currently operating in more than seventy countries worldwide. Founded in the nineteenth century by Mary Sumner, the organisation promotes family life within the church and society.

Each Diocese has its own diocesan branch of the organisation, and within the diocese many parishes have local parish branches, We have a very active Mothers' Union in the Diocese of London, and an equally active parish branch here within our church.

Members meet together at least monthly, often enjoying lunch together, sometimes listening to a guest speaker, and from time to time engaging in special projects and prayer activities. There is usually a quiet afternoon each year, during Lent. The branch organises an annual summer outing, usually to one of the southern cathedral cities. In 2009 the outing was to Canterbury, via Rochester, with both cathedrals visited!

Once a year the Mothers' Union hold a corporate eucharist on a Sunday morning, providing all the lesson readers, intercessors, altar guild, sidesmen, and other volunteers to organise the service. At this anual service new members are formally admitted to the Mothers' Union.

The Mothers' Union Secretary for our church is Daphne Mellows (020 8449 2139).