Public Worship during the Coronavirus Crisis

If you come into the building, please follow the protocols advertised in the church. See also If you take a seat outside main service times, please leave one of the weekday cards provided where you sat. This will indicate to others which areas of the church have been used recently. We seek to ensure that there are always seats available that have not been used since last being cleaned.

For main services we encourage you to sign up beforehand using the relevant form below. This will help with track and trace, if need be. Keeping people from different households at a 1.5m distance from each other, the building can seat a congregation of about 50. You can read our current risk assessment here.

11 April Second Sunday of Easter, 9am Service of Holy Communion

18 April Third Sunday of Easter, 9am Service of Holy Communion

25 April Fourth Sunday of Easter, 9am Service of Holy Communion

Please note that due to health and safety concerns, we cannot at present drink from a common vessel. The presiding minister will therefore consecrate a flagon rather than a chalice. Worshippers who want to partake of Holy Communion in both kinds are invited to bring their own small cup or glass.