Supporting Worship

The Verger & Sidesmen

In Anglican churches and cathedrals the overall responsibility for supporting worship traditionally rests with the Verger. The Verger is the person responsible for the church building - not its fabric, but rather ensuring that it is in a fit state for worship, and for use by those who wish to visit and pray. At Monken Hadley, as in many other parish churches today, the Churchwardens act also as vergers. Vergers are assisted in their work by 'Sidesmen' (essentially temporary assistant vergers) who are responsible for the ministry of welcome, and various teams who also support worship, usually on a rota basis. The current rotas can be found in the parish magazine.

Altar Servers

Lay Communion assistants help with the distribution of the consecrated elements during Holy Communion and are especially licensed for this task by the Bishop. At Monken Hadley the Crucifer (carrying the processional cross) is always one of the choristers. The task of bringing the bread and wine to the altar is usually fulfilled by the sidesmen appointed for the day.

The co-ordinator of the Altar Servers is Janet Clarke (020 8441 6318).

Church Cleaners

The church cleaners (known in Canterbury Cathedral, and many other Anglican churches, as 'The Holy Dusters') play a vital role, working with the Churchwardens to ensure that the building is clean, tidy, and well-ordered. They clean during the week, but also keep a keen eye out on Sundays. Working is small teams, they are always keen to recruit new members.

The co-ordinator of the Church Cleaners is Rosemary Baldwin (020 8449 2910).

Altar Guild

This small guild is a group of church members who prayerfully and reverently prepare the altar for use at celebrations of the Holy Eucharist. This involves laying out linen, cleaning silverware and holy vessels, preparing cruets and containers of water, wine, and bread, and ensuring that everything is in the correct place on the altar or the credence table. They receive training for their work.

The co-ordinator of the Altar Guild is Janet Clarke (020 8441 6318).