Our beautiful medieval church building, set in stunning grounds, with Hadley Green in front of it and Hadley Common behind it, is a popular venue for weddings. If you're thinking about getting married in Monken Hadley, you may find the following FAQs helpful as well as The Church of England’s weddings website. The Rector would be delighted to discuss your plans with you, so just get in touch.


Can anyone get married at St Mary's?

In the past it was only possible to get married in your local church or the church in which you regularly worshipped. But the law has changed and now allows for couples to get married in churches that have a special, historical significance for them, evident in a 'qualifying connection' - see the Church of England weddings website for details.

Can I get married in church if I am divorced?

The church stresses that marriage vows are for a lifetime; its ministers therefore cannot arrange for the conclusion and dissolution of marriages in quite the same way as civil registrars. If you have entered a second marriage at a registry office and want to have a ceremony which reflects your Christian faith and commitment, we will usually be able to arrange a service of prayer and dedication after a civil marriage (including prayers of penitence, commitment to your vows, and blessing of your rings). If you want a second marriage to be concluded in church, while a former spouse is still alive, the Rector will need to have a series of confidential conversations with you to establish whether you can do so without breaking previous marriage vows.

Do I have to get married on a Saturday?

Not at all - we can arrange a wedding on any day of the week but note that on days other than Saturday it can be difficult to find volunteers for jobs such as bell ringing or singing in the choir, and so there may be fewer options available for your ceremony. There are only a few days for which we cannot arrange, including Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Day, or Christmas Day. Please note also that although we conduct weddings during Advent and Lent, there will be no flowers in church during these penitential seasons, and the only flowers you will be able to use are individual button-holes and the bride's bouquet.

How do I arrange a wedding?

Please get in touch with the Rector.