Anglican Church

Monken Hadley is in the Diocese of London

Our Bishop is the Bishop of London. London is a very large diocese, with many hundreds of parish churches, so it is sub-divided into four "Areas", each with a local Area Bishop. We are in the Episcopal Area of Edmonton, and the Bishop of Edmonton is therefore our Area Bishop. Being part of London Diocese, and Edmonton Episcopal Area, is our single most important affiliation. Our links to the rest of the Church throughout the world, are chiefly through our Bishop, and the fact that he is 'in communion' with other Bishops of other dioceses, all around the globe.

Churches Together

We are also a fully subscribing member of 'Churches Together'. 

This is an international movement of ecumenical dialogue and cooperation, seeking to work towards the full visible re-unification of Christ's Church. Most mainstream Christian denominations take part in Churches Together. Our local branch is called 'Churches Together for Chipping Barnet'. It has its own website. Our branch of Churches Together consists of six Anglican Churches, including our own (St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley; St John the Baptist, Chipping Barnet; Christ Church, High Barnet; St Mark, Barnet Vale; St Stephen, Bells Hill; St Peter, Arkley), two United Reformed churches (Wood Street, Barnet; Chesterfield Road, Barnet), two Methodist churches (Barnet Brookside; Wesley Hall, High Barnet), a Baptist church (Underhill), and a Roman Catholic church (St Gregory's). We work together on a number of ecumenical projects, including a community outreach project, shared worship, and seasonal courses of study.