Church House Restoration


Help us... Church House urgently needs regenerating.

We listened to the needs of our local community and have a plan to make it fit for purpose. Please help us renew it for current and future generations. Watch our video to find out how our community is looking forward to the new Church House.

We need your help to raise £775,000, of which we are happy to say £500,000 has already been reached. Click here to help and join others by donating.

We need to act now

As you may know, the aim was to restore Church House in accordance with current Barnet Council Planning permissions. However, the latest structural survey undertaken has concluded that due to significant subsidence, a restoration is no longer viable and that the building is beyond economic repair. Sadly, the building is now closed and not available for community use. 

In response to this, the Steering Team (in conjunction with our Architects) is now re-applying to the London Borough of Barnet for planning permission for a sensitive rebuild that will reflect as closely as possible the current appearance of the existing building. This will allow us to create an excellent community centre that will be appropriate for the various user groups (who you can hear from in our video above), be fully accessible, sustainable and of sound structure, and so benefit continuing generations. 

In support of the imminent planning application, a comprehensive “Heritage Statement” has been completed by a specialist professional firm, Heritage Information Ltd. It concludes: “The proposals have been designed to ... minimise any harm to the character and appearance of the Monken Hadley Conservation Area and to the settings of other nearby heritage assets.... structural engineers have concluded that the building is 'beyond reasonable economic repair'.” 

A sensitive rebuild will offer “substantial public benefits, principally in the re-establishment of a high-quality, contextually designed and fully accessible community facility on the site, which will be used by both the church and wider community.”

How you can help

Please help us raise the funding to achieve our goal of renewing our hall so it can be used and enjoyed by current and future generations. 

See our donations page. Thank you.

Additionally, we are looking for thirty ‘Local Angels’ to each donate £10,000 so that we are able to reach our fundraising target. 

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